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Review for Ninja Coffee Bar CF080Z: Plenty of Brewing Options

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated March 26, 2019

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Most coffee aficionados usually complain about the lack of available coffee styles that can be made for home coffee makers. This is why they usually end up flocking to cafes so that they can satisfy their need for more diverse flavors.

The Ninja Coffee bar CF080Z solves this by having a wide range of possible concoctions to satisfy most of their users.


Thermal Flavor Extractor Technology

This unique technology of the Ninja Coffee Bar System allows its users to be able to brew their coffee to the perfect balance, allowing the product to be tasty and never too bitter. Aside from this, users are also given recipe books in order for them to know all possible mixtures for their beverage.

They also offer Auto-iQ One-Touch Technology that allows users to use the product better and with more accuracy. This also allows you to have a more precise water measurement.

Serving size options

Users who will either use the coffee or tea maker for big occasions like parties and meetings will not be disappointed as the product also offers brewing for such events. Users are given the option to either brew for full carafe, half-carafe, cup, XL cup, travel mug, and XL multiserve. This allows users to be more flexible in terms of brewing.

Glass carafes

Glass carafes are those for those who may want to see remaining coffee better. It also gives users a good look of their end product to see if they ended with their desired mixture.

The machine also comes with a permanent filter which makes it more convenient to use in the long run.

Removable water reservoirs

All of their products boast their removable water reservoirs which can make cleaning easier for its users. After all, repeated use of coffee machines can lead to a more bitter taste in the long run. All of their products are also known to be dishwasher-safe.


  1. Classic

This flavor will give you the coffee taste that is best known. This will be for those who will want coffee for daily sipping in the morning.

  1. Rich

This flavor gives users a richer and tastier taste. Any milk or additional flavors will be tasted better.

  1. Iced

This is for those who may want a chiller and generally more relaxed coffee for casual sipping. Coffee flavor is still retained though and never watered-down.

  1. Specialty

This flavor is known for its concentrate that is similar to espresso.

  1. Café forte

This gives users more of the taste of coffee in its complex form, meaning that brewing will be more intense.


In the end, Ninja Coffee Bar CF080Z is best for those who may want more variety in terms of brewing styles. After all, the average coffee machine is mostly limited to the rich and classic flavor. The machine is also good for those who may want more features with their coffee machine to ensure better using and brewing experience.