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Ninja Coffee Bar Models

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated March 26, 2019

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The best thing about Ninja Coffee Bar that separates it from its competitors is its unique models. From hot coffees, cold lattes, and tea, their models are known to be versatile in terms of brewing capabilities. This is especially a good feature for consumers who would like to have a wide range of selections.

Of course, there are some setbacks for this advantage like its tendency to be weaker in controlling its temperature and the mediocre result of its cold drinks. These are all expected issues for having such a wide range of brewing.

  1. Ninja Coffee Bar

This is their entry-product for those who strictly want coffee and nothing more. Equipped with their Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology (which supposedly controls your brewing to ensure that the product will never be too bitter), Ninja Coffee Bar serves as a good product for those want to play it safe in brewing coffee. It can brew for servings for 12 cups and also for 4 cups and less.

It can brew up to two styles: classic and rich, which as the names suggests, pertains to the taste of the product.

  1. Ninja Coffee Bar System with Glass Carafe

This is the first product that meets the expectation of those who are looking for more features in coffee machines. Compared to the earlier product, this one has more brewing styles. These are classic, over ice, rich, café forte, and specialty, totalling up to five. This gives coffee aficionados the opportunity to be more experimental in their brewing. The machine is certified to please those who are picky in terms of brewing options.

  1. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewing System with Glass Carafe

For those who want a machine that is versatile in products, this one is the answer. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewing System is capable of brewing both coffee and tea. For coffee, it has a total of five brewing styles including rich, classic, over ice, cold brew, and specialty. For coffee, it has a total of five styles including oolong, white, green, black, and herbal.

This is for those who may want to occasionally mix their early-morning brews. Coffees are better for days when an instant jolt is needed while tea may be for those which are more relaxed. The abundance of styles for both drinks makes the machine a very good machine for those who may want a versatile one.

  1. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewing System with Thermal Carafe

This is essentially the same product as the one earlier mentioned except with a thermal carafe. This ensures that the product will remain hot after two hours. The serving size may be for a cup, travel mug, an XL cup, full carafe, half carafe, and XL multiserve. This will ensure that brewing coffee will always be fit for any number of people.

The models of Ninja are all fit for those who want variety in their drinks. This includes the number of brewing styles, drinks to be made, and even their serving sizes. They have some of the best models for those who want either tea or coffee with their countless innovative and comfortable-to-use features.