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Main types of coffee makers with their PROS and CONS

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated February 13, 2019

types of coffee makers

Coffee has become a vital part of modern man’s existence. Let’s face it: from being a morning engine starter to simply acting as a social bridge, coffee is now omnipresent in our lives, regardless of race, ethnicity, preferences or location. And because there are so many tastes to be satisfied, we came up with inexhaustible ways to prepare it.

Not everyone likes their coffee the same way. That’s why it is important to buy a coffee maker that meets your needs and is capable of brewing the perfect cup for you.

Here are two important factors you should take into consideration when deciding what coffee maker to buy:

Your budget. This is an obvious one. Before starting to browse for perfect coffee machines, you should know what your spending limit is and adapt accordingly.

The type of coffee maker you prefer. There are several types of devices that can prepare your coffee: from the simple, common drip coffee makers to French presses, pod coffee makers or one cup makers and the complex espresso machines.

Here are the basic pros and cons for each of them:

Drip coffee makers

PROS: they are cheap, very easy to use, allow you make a large quantity of coffee in one use

CONS: too much quantity can prove to be a waste sometimes, the flavor is not the most exquisite one so pretentious coffee drinkers might not be satisfied with the taste

One cup coffee makers


Very simple to use, you can obtain exactly what kind of coffee you want by buying the pod with the desired strength and flavor, especially a good choice for offices


Not the most affordable solution in the long run and not the most eco-friendly either, because you have to dispose of a lot of plastic recipients

French press


Even more affordable than drip coffee makers, very simple to use, you don’t need electricity to use them or additional accessories such as filters, you can make a tasty, rich flavored coffee


Not that precise, not programmable, you have to learn exactly how long to leave the coffee in order to obtain the best flavor, your coffee gets cold faster than with other types of coffee makers



You can obtain larger quantities, some claim you can obtain the best flavored coffee with them, they are easy to clean


Takes longer to brew, some people find the coffee to be bitter when prepared with this kind of coffee maker

Espresso machine

They are by far the most luxurious coffee makers available on the market. Is what makes the difference for a passionate coffee drinker


They are the most sophisticated and complex coffee makers, equipped with all kinds of functions and options. They allow you to prepare any kind of coffee drink you desire, from latte to cappuccino or macchiato

They are programmable and they obtain the highest quality coffee


They are expensive

They are time consuming

They are harder to clean, since they consist of several components: water reservoir, milk frother, portafilter, etc.