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Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker Overview

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated May 31, 2019

 Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker Overview blue cup of coffee

Keurig currently stands as one of the excellent choices for single-cup coffee machines. It lies as one of the popular “K-Cups” that is favoured by most because of its quality brewing and attractive design.


Keurig is average in terms of size, standing at 13.1 inches tall when closed and 16.5 inches when open. It can fit on almost all kitchen counters. After all, it houses about 75 ounces of water for your reservoir. This is enough for replacement only every week. You can install a filter inside to ensure water quality.

The design of the machine is modern and sleek. It fits almost any aesthetic for kitchens because of its brushed metal design. Usually, the black and plastic design is used by other brands. This can be a cause for some to instantly buy this machine.

The machine has a removable drip tray that allows you to fill coffee into larger containers. This is a good feature as a common complaint about coffee machines is that most of them cause leaks whenever being poured.

The controls for the machine are easy to understand and to learn at first glance. Because most smart coffee makers try to integrate touchscreen buttons, a common complaint is oversensitivity. It seems that touchscreen integration to household gadgets will need more time to be totally successful. The physical buttons for this coffee maker prioritize functionality and ease of use.

The machine has a lot of features that are good for customizing your coffee. For example, it has an ice coffee function that allows you to brew cold coffee at will. Plastic cups will be required whenever brewing these.

The machine can also be set to automatically close or open upon your adjustment. You can simply set a time when it will open or when it will turn off. You can also choose to make the machine close after 2 hours of not being used. This prevents the coffee inside to be overcooked and lessens electric bills. It also has a digital clock to let you keep track of the time while sipping on your breakfast coffee. You can also begin brewing as soon as the machine turns on and warms itself.

The machine also makes minimal noise whenever brewing, thanks to its Quiet Brew Technology.


While these are some good functions, there are some complaints about the product. Descaling is one of them. During the 3-6 months, the machine needs to be descaled in order for it to have more longevity. While these aren’t exactly that frequent, it might still be annoying to forget to do it during a stressful morning.

The machine uses K-Cups which make your choices limited for this brand.


The Keurig K-Elite boasts its features and its look to be distinct from the rest. Priced at $170, the machine is a bit on the higher end. Its difference from other brands can be seen in its good flavour (the lack of a plastic taste), its features, and its sleek design. Compared to its brothers, K-Café and K55, the difference is not that noticeable, though.


The Keurig K-Elite is best for those looking for premium features and a coffee machine that can easily blend with most kitchens. It can also store a lot of water in its reservoir which lessens the need for replacing it.