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Braun Brewsense KF7150: High quality taste at a low price

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated March 8, 2019

cup of coffee steaming coffee maker braun brewsense kf7150

Affordable coffee machines and quality coffee rarely go hand-in-hand as either of the two sacrifices something in order to be able to be marketed as that. However, as far as Braun Brewsense KF7150 goes, coffee aficionados would be surprised.


With a black-colored base and occasional steel on its design, the model can be seen as classy and simplistic. No violently-colored shades will be seen on the model, which means it will go along with almost every kitchen or storage room you’ll choose to place it in. It is also small in size, which means that it will be easy for you to squeeze it beside other appliances.

It is also made with BPA free plastic in case you don’t want that type of material to be included in the machine that makes your coffee.

The coffee filter for this model can be a disposable one or a permanent golden filter.

One bad thing about the model though is that the water reservoir cannot be removed from the machine. This means that you will have to put water in another container first before pouring it into the machine instead of going through all the trouble of carrying the unit. This can be a deal-breaker for some, so be sure to remember this detail.


The product prides itself to use a PureFlavor Technology, which ensures that the coffee beans that the users will put in will be cooked at the right temperature and length of time. User reviews confirm that the taste of the coffee made with this machine is indeed very good. Even low-price beans are ensured to still taste good.

The machine allows you to pick either bold or regular coffee, depending on your tastes for the day.

Additional features

The model also has an anti-drip feature that prevents users from having spills when getting coffee. It allows users to pause coffee making and then continue again at will.

The coffee machine’s controls are displayed on an LCD screen. Everything that a user must see is indicated on the screen, from the time remaining up to the temperature of the coffee being heated. Huge letters are assigned to every button ensuring that it is easy to read. All of these parts are dishwasher-friendly making it easier for the users to clean it.

The machine informs users to descale too through a warning. This may be needed sometimes to ensure that the coffee you produce is still of high quality.

The model also allows its user to have their personal time for making coffee. This can be programmable with the coffee machine. This is good for those who are always on the go as they can have their coffee instantly prepared during the morning without all the fuss needed to make one. The quality of the coffee will not be affected by the length of it being prepared, as the coffee has a small-pot setting that will retain your coffee’s temperature and aroma.

Cleaning and ease of use

The model is easy to clean as it has a “clean” button on itself. If you are new in using coffee machines, using this would not be a problem. It has all the basic functions of a coffee machine plus helpful buttons that don’t overcomplicate things for those that are not baristas.


In the end, the coffee machine is a very good model for those who don’t want to spend too much for quality coffee. It is presentable and fits every kitchen aesthetic. The taste of the coffee is also very good. Controls that can be seen in modern coffee machine units can be seen in the model as well.

It is definitely recommendable for those who want a good price and quality taste.