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Best under the counter coffee makers to consider

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated August 15, 2019

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While most of us prefer to go with the classic ‘on the counter’ coffee makers, because they are more popular and more accessible, there are cases in which an under the cabinet coffee machine makes more sense.

Under the counter coffee makers are usually used as a way to save space in smaller kitchens, where every inch matters (like in an office, for instance). The same goes for ‘portable ’kitchens like those in RVs, boats and so on. Another reason why some people prefer under the cabinet coffee makers is to hide the appliance if it doesn’t go well will their kitchen design.

Some cons to consider with under the counter coffee makers

However, you do have to be aware that under the cabinet coffee makers have their limitations. What you gain in space, you may usually lose in efficiency and features. Most under the counter coffee makers have a smaller carafe, which means fewer cups of coffee brewed at once. You’ll also have to refill the water reservoir more often and these ‘mini’ coffee makers are usually more minimalist in features.

Now that you are well informed on both the pros and cons of getting an under the cabinet coffee maker, here are some of the best models to consider:

  • Black+Decker SpaceMaker 12-cup: this is a programmable coffee maker from Black+Decker, with a capacity of 12 cups per brewing cycle. Given that most under the cabinet coffee makers have a small capacity, this appliance has an impressive brewing volume. The SpaceMaker is a great choice for offices or homes with a lot of coffee drinking members.

        The SpaceMaker has a removable water reservoir, 24 hour digital programming buttons that allow you to schedule your brewing and an auto shut            off feature. You can get this coffee maker for approximately $90

  • Nostalgia BSET300 Retro 3-1 Breakfast Station: this is a very cool and complex kitchen ‘station’ with 3 units in 1: a griddle, a toaster and a coffee maker. The Nostalgia kitchen station has a retro look (hence its name), the toaster tray and griddle are removable so you can easily clean them and the lid of the station is transparent so you can see what’s happening inside. The coffee maker has a 4-cup capacity. The price of the Retro 3-1 station is approximately $65, which makes it a real bargain
  • Black +Decker Under-the-Cabinet 8-cup coffee maker (SCM2000BD): If you want something similar to the 12-cup SpaceMaker from Black+Decker, but with a smaller capacity, you should definitely consider this model. It is also called SpaceMaker but it can brew only 8-cup in a single brewing cycle, instead of 12. It has the same features as the SpaceMaker 12-cup model and it is perfect for small apartments, RVs and offices with limited kitchen space. You can find it with a thermal or glass carafe.