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Are drip brewers better than other types of coffee makers?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated May 31, 2019

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Coffee makers are an essential part of our day. To ensure that we will be active all throughout the day, a good brew along with great convenience can greatly affect our performance. This is why we should thoroughly invest in researching and analysing before buying one.

Among coffee makers, drip machines are one of the most famous. They are seen in offices, homes, and cafes. They operate by having the user put ground coffee in a paper filter, filling the machine with water, and then turning it on. With a process as easy as this, more users are inclined towards the machine.

How is it better than its competitors?

The closest thing to a competitor for drip coffee makers is the French press. It is used by having a plunger repeatedly pressed to a coffee filter. The number of times it is pressed will determine the flavour of the coffee. This is favoured by some because of the lack of the need for electricity and the control you have over the flavour of your brew.

The only downside for these is it can be inconvenient to use in the morning. After all, most people on the go won’t have much time for manually setting up this coffee maker. Estimating the taste and the flavour of your coffee may also take some time.

Other competitors include cone coffee makers (that is used to maximize the use of filters as much as possible) and iced coffee makers. None of them can match drip coffee makers in terms of efficiency and features, though.

What are the features of drip coffee makers?

  • Large reservoir and carafe – In comparison to other coffee makers, drip coffee makers are able to produce large batches of coffee that can serve up to five people or more at once. A large reservoir means that more coffee may be made. This makes it more convenient to use in an office setting.
  • Choices for carafes – You can use either a glass or a thermal carafe to make coffee. A glass carafe allows you to be able to see its content to be able to determine when you can finally drink. A thermal carafe is known to regulate the temperature of your coffee better. This depends upon a user’s preference and the included carafe in your chosen brand.

•    Pre-set controls – Most drip coffee makers already have pre-programmed controls that automatically change the flavour of your coffee depending on your taste. Common options include a dark, light, or milky brew. This allows even those without much knowledge in coffee to brew easily.