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NutriBullet Pro 900 Overview

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated June 7, 2019

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  •    Can make large batches of smoothies
  •    Has a powerful motor
  •    Sleek design


  •    Blades aren’t reliable
  •    Some customer report leaking


The blender is made by Homeland Housewares which is a division of the American company Alchemy Worldwide. They are known for their various infomercials and advertisements seen through television that features their products.

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is best for those looking for a straightforward and simple blender. It can mix solid blocks of fruits, vegetables, and even coffee beans. It doesn’t have many functions but it makes up for this by being easy and simple to use. It is not reliable for blending ice and harder materials, though. There are also concerns over leakage which can damage motor parts.


The NutriBullet Pro 900 is a unit that instantly turns head because of its flashy design. With its intense marketing campaign, its bullet-like form and its name are probably familiar to a lot of people. The unit has very simple controls. It tosses aside the usuals of a blender. It doesn't have controls for speed, auto-wash settings, or any additional buttons at all. Instead, it works by simply by adding the food to be blended, filling it with water, sealing it shut, and then pressing down on the cup. You can also pulse it as to have more control over blending. You can do this by simply pressing and releasing the cup continuously.

NutriBullet 900's blending performance is as reliable as ever. With the average amount of ice and food inside it, almost no large chunks can be seen after less than a minute. Protein shakes can be done in less than ten seconds. This performance enables it to blend the most healthy foods. Consumer feedback is positive. They are more encouraged to eat healthily given the ease of making shakes and the removal of complicated controls. Even those that are not usually mixed in shakes like coffee beans can blend well in this unit.

Its motor uses 900 watts to operate which separates the machine from its brother product, the Nutribullet 600. It has a larger motor capable of crushing and slicing more food. It can reach speeds of up to 25,000 RPM. Seeds and beans can easily be crushed in the machine even with solid blocks of fruit stored inside. It comes with two extractor blades.

It uses a 32-ounce jag that can make large batches of smoothies. It also has two 24-ounce cups and an 18-ounce cup for smaller batches.

Common complaints about the product include leakage issues through the blades which can then continue to the motor. Others also pointed out that the blades can be damaged or may even break when sued under extreme pressure. This is why it is discouraged to use solid blocks of ice for the unit. If necessary, be sure to use crushed ice as to lessen the stress on the machine.

The items included in the blender includes:

  •    A manual/cookbook
  •    A recipe book for common smoothies
  •    Two lip rings
  •    Two extractor blades
  •    One 32-ounce cup for the largest servings
  •    Two 24-ounce cups
  •    One 18-ounce cup
  •    Two storage lids
  •    Pocket guide including that lists common ingredients, how to prepare them, and nutritional benefits

The machine has a one year warranty.


The Nutribullet 900 is an improvement from similar Nutribullet products because of its powerful motor and its simplicity. It favours straightforward blending (by simply pressing and releasing the cup) instead of having controls for different intensities. It has a modern and sleek design which can fit almost any kitchen. The only problems that can be seen with the unit are the possibility of leakage and its weak blades.