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VTech VM343 Review

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated July 10, 2020

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The VTech VM343 baby monitor is a seemingly simple device, but it is as dependable as baby monitors go with a few bells and whistles of its own, all the while rivalling other devices with its relatively low price point.


The VM343 comprises of a high-resolution, 4.3-inch color LCD screen, and a camera that can be controlled from the parent unit to get a better view. It may be as simple as that but it houses a lot more, despite its low cost.

This VTech baby monitor's parent unite lacks the touchscreen interface of modern monitors — and often meaning pricier ones — but it features a compact design with a number of buttons of bare essentials, yet it takes little to no time to master, either. In spite of this, you can still add up to three more cameras should your family expand and would want to be able to monitor each child in their own rooms.

The video baby monitor can be set to alert you when your baby requires your attention. The video feed is clear enough so you could see how your child is doing; you could see enough detail to see the rise and fall of your baby's chest — even in darker rooms, thanks to its night-vision capabilities through infrared technology. It features sound and motion alert mode, as well as a vibrating sound alert setting on the parent unit, leaving you needn't to worry should you find yourself falling asleep unintentionally.

If you're in the market for something simple, yet a dependable baby monitor, the VM343 delivers just that. The parent screen unit has an apt display with a screen that automatically dims to preserve battery life.

How to set it up

Setting it up cannot be made simpler. In the box comes a “quick start guide” for easy-to-follow instructions — great for sleep-deprived parents, or for the ones who'd want just that — and it also includes a more detailed user's manual to cover all bases.

The VM343's camera unit features a mount that allows it to pan side-to-side up to 270 degrees as your little one moves about, as well as tilt up to 120 degrees up and down. It's capable of capturing video at up to 25 frames per second allowing you a dynamic full-motion video. The camera itself comes equipped with 10 infrared LEDs that can automatically detect a dimming light source enabling you clear video even in dark rooms.

It connects to the parent unit via digital transmission and independent from your WiFi, which makes it more secure lest your WiFi becomes compromised. Although this would also mean a shorter transmit range, the unit is equipped with an out-of-range alert; the beep will sound when you are about to come out of range, and also when you have completely lost connection with the camera unit. It's range is up to 1,000 ft or 300 m, which is more than enough for a typical household.

The camera needs to be connected to a power outlet, which leaves you to only need to charge the rechargeable battery of the parent outlet; it can be used while charging, with charging time of about 5 hours. The parent unit's interface displays the battery level, as well.

The VTevh VM343 may be simple in terms of looks, which comes with a fitting modest price, it offers good value with its additional features, while keeping it easy to operate. The night-vision capability, and the ability to add more cameras makes it a good investment. The baby monitor can be set up as quickly as it comes out of the box, making it not any more difficult than it needs to be.