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VTech VM343: Good for its price

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated March 15, 2019

VTech VM343 baby monitor baby on display camera

Baby monitors are a solution for busy parents who cannot watch over their babies all the time. Since a lot can happen with an unattended baby, it is basically a necessity to have one for those who live in large houses where the sound of a baby can be covered by a lot of other noises.

The VTech VM343 is great for parents who want to have this technology but don’t want to be bothered by it either. Some baby monitors are notorious for being noisier than the actual baby, making it more stressful for parents who are stressed enough as it is.

The main feature that allows this monitor to be quiet is the 9-level sound indicator in the parent's unit that shows you how loud the baby is. Even when muted, the display still works, meaning that you can be at ease by just looking occasionally at the monitor instead of being surprised whenever the sound rings at a high volume.

Video and sound quality

The video quality for the VTech VM343 is good enough for its price. It features pan/tilt/zoom operations for you to see your baby clearer. The functions of it include: magnify, volume, control power, direction, push-to-talk. It also has infrared night vision that you can use if the baby is noisy during the evening. This is a big help as babies don’t particularly have a solid body clock yet.

The video is transmitted through the parent-interface with digital transmission, meaning that you won’t have to rely on Wi-Fi. Using the latter usually results to more risky situations as it can be easily hacked.

The handheld parent unit has a clear interface and screen. It offers clear resolution for you to see through the camera better. It offers a 4.3’’ screen. Its size is comparable to a mobile phone, with it feeling secure in your hands. The camera can be panned from left to right up to 270 degrees and you can tilt it up and down to 120 degrees. This will help you see the baby if he/she moves around a lot.

You will also be able to see the temperature inside the baby’s room to know if the heat or cold is causing the baby to be irritated.

The audio is best within 30 feet away. Otherwise, there will be a bit of distortion in the audio. Walls don’t seem to be a problem for the connection though.

Also, the baby monitor allows you to have a two-way intercom, meaning that you will be able to send your voice all the way to your baby. This is a good function as sometimes, babies only need to hear the sound of their parents voice to be at ease.

For those with multiple children, the system also allows you to connect up to 4 cameras that you can place in different locations. This is a great feature as buying a whole set of cameras for multiple children can really take a toll on your wallet.

Setting it up

The gadget is relatively easy to install. It comes with an additional wall bracket, which allows you to put it anywhere inside the room. The additional camera functions also allow you to be flexible in choosing an angle as you can move it around.

Battery life

If you use the monitor actively (meaning you always have the LCD screen on), then the battery might last for 3 to 4 hours. Otherwise, it would be better plugged. If you want to conserve electricity, you can turn off the screen of the monitor and instead make it only turn on when a loud noise will come from the baby’s room. However, mixing the mute button and this option will be a disaster so be sure to check on the options before operating the monitor.


With a monitor and a camera which are the most basic parts of it to function, the price is about $180 on Amazon. This is a good price for its functions, which covers everything a baby monitor should have to be competitive. When compared to its more expensive counterparts though, like Motorola, you might still lose out on some functions like being able to stream through a smartphone or the inability to take a picture or capture a video of your child’s stream.


Overall, the monitor is best for those who want to stay in a safe price range but still expect to have all the basics a baby monitor should have nowadays.