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Activities to keep your kids busy while you’re working from home

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated February 13, 2019

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Working from home can be an exhausting job for parents. But it’s not the job itself that wears you out, but your beloved toddlers, who make sure they keep you busy 24/7. Looking out for your children is a full time job already, as the little ones are a handful: they’re always grabbing stuff, pulling or pushing, breaking or taking something. That is why you have to come up with ways to keep them entertained and safe, while you go about your day.

Here are some tips that might help you out:

Find a play date for your child. Being an only child may lead to a feeling of loneliness, which in time leads to trouble, one way or another. A play date can be the perfect solution, if your child is old enough to be able to enjoy it. You can host a play date one day and change places the next time. Just remember to be careful and set some ground rules for the kids, if you have to leave them unattended.

Keep him busy with coloring books. Kids love coloring books and workbooks. You can find coloring books for all ages. If you want to keep him interested, buy a variety of them so that he won’t get bored too easily.

Get them into reading. Reading doesn’t have to be a boring activity. If the book is age appropriate and good enough, your kid we’ll offer you hours and hours of peace and quiet. Get a book that your kid can read or better yet, let him choose what books he wants, to make him feel involved. But just to be sure, you should also pick a few yourself, just in case they’re not satisfied with their choice. If your kid can’t read yet, you can also opt for audio books, too.

Technology can be your friend. As long as you set some time limits, you can allow your kids to watch some TV or use the computer to watch their favorite cartoon episodes. Computers and tablets can also be used to play educational games. As long as there’s no abuse, there’s no need to feel guilty about it.

Let them create and craft.  Set up a work table/desk/space where they can solve puzzles, play with Lego, play dough, construction paper, etc. As long as their tools are all ‘child friendly’, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Moreover, you’ll give them a chance to develop their creativity, use their imagination and learn how to be crafty.

Get them to play off screen. Although most kids today only know how to play online, that doesn’t mean they can’t get into physical games, too. Show them how to set up a fort out of blankets, pillows, etc., how to set a domino knockdown, how to build a house of cards, send them on a treasure hunt and so on. The more interesting the activity/game, the more engaged they’ll be and the more work you’ll be able to get done without constantly being interrupted.