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What are the benefits of the GoWISE 8 in 1 Air Fryer?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated May 16, 2019

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The fact that fried food cooked in boiling hot oil is bad for you is no longer a secret, nor is it a myth. Deep fried food is indeed delicious and few of us can resist a plate of gold, crispy French fries. And giving up on all your favorite foods is not the most attractive solution, even for health reasons.

Air fryers brought a new cooking technology to the table, specifically invented to solve this problem. Air fryers are the best compromise you can make between protecting your health and keeping your taste buds happy, as well. Unlike regular fryers that use fire and large amounts of burning oil to prepare food, air fryers cook using only hot air circulation and little to no oil at all. While there are some small differences in taste between deep fried foods and foods cooked with air fryers, those differences are not that noticeable and you get as close as possible to the texture and flavor of the traditionally cooked dishes, while still taking care of your health.

How do air fryers work?

Air fryers work using the principle of hot air circulation. The air moves around the cooking basket, covering every inch of your food, be it fresh or frozen. Depending on the model, some air fryers are equipped with extra fans inside, for a better dispersion of the hot air, or with dual heat sources.

Most air fryers come with extra accessories that allow you to do more than just fry your food. You can also bake or roast it. Air fryers have timers and temperature controls, and a lot of them also come with built-in presets for different types of foods, so you can cook them at a single touch of a button.

The advantages of cooking with an air fryer

One of the biggest advantages of using an air fryer is the fact that you drastically reduce the quantity of cooking oil you have to use. Air fryers can cook with up to 75% less fat and they only require as much as a single tbsp. of oil to cook an entire batch of fries, for instance. There are also recipes that require no oil at all. And even so, your food will still look and taste great, maintaining its outer crunchiness and staying soft inside.

Aside from the health benefits of cooking with such little oil (lower risk of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and other diseases), there’s also the financial aspect. When you fry something in the pan on the stove, you have to submerge your food in oil, in order to cook it well and get that crispy exterior. You also have to change your oil between each batch. That can get quite expensive in the long run.

Another disadvantage of frying your food the traditional way is the bad smell you have to put up with, because of all the burning oil, batter residue and so on. That smell can get into your clothes and hair, too. Air fryers eliminate that problem and cooking with air fryers becomes an easy, clean and odorless activity. Most air fryers are also very easy to clean and have dishwasher safe parts.

Air fryers come in many shapes, sizes and models, are relatively easy to carry and some of them have modern, sleek designs that will actually look cool on your kitchen counter.

GoWISE USA 8 in 1 Air Fryer – Is it a good appliance to consider?

The GoWISE air fryers are a popular brand when it comes to these kitchen appliances. They have several models to choose from, in several sizes.

GoWISE is a subsidiary of Ming’s Mark Inc., which is an American company headquartered in Arizona. In addition to air fryers, they also make pressure cookers, bathroom scales and more.

The GoWISE 8 in 1 air fryer comes in 2 sizes: a 3.7-Quart and a 5.8-Quart capacity.

How much do they cost?

The 3.7-QT version can be purchased for just $90 on the online GoWISE store.

The 5.8-QT version of the air fryer is priced at approximately $100.

Features of the GoWISE 8 in 1 air fryer

Aside from their size, the 8 in 1 air fryers look pretty similar in design. They have a modern look with a digital display and touch controls. They come in several colors, to match your kitchen color. You can get them in white, black, red, purple.

The 3.7-Quart air fryer can cook from 2 to 4 servings in a single cycle. The 5.8-QT version is even larger, which is a better option for larger families, as it can prepare larger quantities at food at once (for 4 people or more).

The GoWISE 8 in 1 has 1700W and has a cool touch handle to avoid any unpleasant accidents. The fry pan and basket are non-stick and you can also put them in your dishwasher.

The 8 in 1 air fryer comes with a recipe book that has 50 inspirational recipes you can make with this air fryer. The GoWISE 8 in 1 lets you fry, grill, bake and roast your food.

The air fryer is called 8 in 1 because of its 8 cooking presets. The GoWISE has built-in presets for different types of food: chicken, pork, steak, shrimp, fish, fries/chips, pizza and cake. You can cook any of these by simply pressing the corresponding button.

Aside from the preset touch controls, the air fryer also has a start/stop button that lets you change the settings even if you are in the middle of the cooking cycle. There are also settings for time and for temperature.