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Is Krups Fry Delight a good product?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated December 6, 2019

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Krups Fry Delight is a really popular air fryer manufactured by Krups. Krups is a German company, part of the Groupe SEB, which specializes in kitchen appliances. It is a very experienced name in the kitchen appliance industry and it has been around since 1846, when it started by making precision scales and industrial balances. Krups became famous especially through its high-quality coffee machines. In addition to coffee makers, Krups also manufactures toasters, hand mixers, waffle makers, fryers.

What are the features of the Fry Delight?

The Krups Fry Delight is a great air fryer, offering a healthier alternative to deep oil frying. Its 3D air pulse technology allows you to prepare delicious food such as French fries, crispy chicken and so on, with just small amounts of oil or no oil at all.

The fryer has a capacity of 2.5 liters, which means you can prepare up to 4 portions of food per cycle. If you are buying the Fry Delight mainly for making French fries, you should be able to make 2 batches of fries in less than 15 minutes.

The Krups Fry Delight is a minimalist and simple kitchen appliance, but it looks modern, elegant and it gets the job done. It might not be as packed with features as other competitors, but Krups has always focused on the quality aspect rather than offering all the bells and whistles.

The Fry Delight can be used for air frying, roasting, baking and grilling. There are various delicious recipes that you can prepare using this air fryer, without using any oil whatsoever. And even the recipes that do require some oil to be used, need no more than a few drops per cycle.

Specs and settings

The air fryer weighs approximately 20 pounds, it comes in black and white and its pan and basket are dishwasher safe.

The 3D air pulse technology in Krups Fry Delight uses an upper heating element and has an optimized airflow that makes it possible for you to obtain foods that are crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside.

The Krups Fry Delight has a big rotating knob on the upper left side, which is the timer of the machine. You can use the timer to set different cooking times for your food, depending on the recipe you want to make. There is also a bar on the top with a button you can move to the left or right, which lets you set the cooking temperature. Krups Fry Delight lets you choose between 300 and 390 degrees Fahrenheit.

Krups offers indications for several food types, in terms of cooking times. You’ve got cooking times for Fries, meat (including poultry) and for snacks. Because French fries are among the favorites for many, here are the settings for it: for 0.66 to 1.54 lbs. of French fries, you have to set the timer on 12 to 16 minutes and the temperature to 370 degrees F.

The Fry Delight is great for frozen foods, French fries and more.


You can currently purchase the Krups Fry Delight AJ1000 for approximately $80. You can buy it on Amazon, Walmart, macy’s and other places.

Why should you switch to air frying?

Deep fried foods are tasty indeed, no arguing there, but they are not good for your health. The large amounts of fried oil you have to use to obtain that delicious crunchiness will translate into a series of health problems in the long run: diabetes, heart diseases, colon cancer and more.

Air frying uses only hot air circulation to cook your food, which means you considerably reduce the quantities of oil you use. There are other benefits to air frying your food as well. One of them is the fact that there’ll be less mess in your kitchen than if you wood deep fry your food in oil. You will also get rid of that powerful, unpleasant odor that occurs when you fry food in hot oil.