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Is Big Boss Cooklite Aero Fryer a good product?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated February 13, 2019

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Air fryers are the new thing. These electrical appliances can take care of your health while still allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods. With air fryers you drastically reduce the quantity of oil you have to use to cook your meals.

Air fryers use hot air circulation instead of fire and the principle is similar to that found in convection ovens.  There are also fans placed inside the air fryer, to help disperse the hot air evenly.

The advantages of air frying

The biggest advantage air fryers have over regular fryers is that they cut the fat content in your food by up to more than 70%. You can still enjoy your fried chicken or fries, but they will be air fried and way healthier than if you cook them on your traditional stove.

The smell is another aspect when it comes to air fryers. While traditional fryers leave a strong, foul smell, because you have to submerge your food in cooking oil and basically burn that oil to thoroughly cook the food, air fryers don’t have that problem. For instance, in order to prepare a batch of French fries, an air fryer requires only a tbsp. of oil.

Air fryers are also easier and safer to use, you don’t risk getting burned (literally) and are less messy.  

How to choose an air fryer

There are a lot of choices when it comes to air fryers. One aspect you should consider when choosing one is the air circulating technology in the appliance. Make sure the air fryer has a reliable heat source and at least one fan to distribute the hot air.

The size of the basket/pot is also important, especially if you know you need to cook larger portions of food at once.

Also, don’t forget about features such as preprogrammed cooking options and a timer.

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Big Boss Cooklite Aero Fryer

The Cooklite from Big Boss is one of the most popular countertop air fryers out there. It uses 3 heating sources to cook your food (‘triple cooking power’, as Big Boss describes it): halogen, which directly heats the surface, convection to circulate air to speed cooking and infrared heat, to cook from inside out. It comes in two colors: black or red.

The Cooklite has a 4.6 liters capacity and measures 12.4 X 11 X 12.4 inches. It has a cute design with a glass lid that allows you to watch inside during the cooking process.

This air fryer boasts on preparing your food with the absolute minimum fat content and 3 times faster than traditional stoves.

The Cooklite can be purchased for under $95. In the box you also get a 13 piece knife set, a recipe book, tongs, mesh basket, patented dual rack and the 2.5L Aero Extender Ring.

The Cooklite has manual dial controls for adjusting the cooking temperature and the timer. This air fryer can heat up to 480 degrees.

You can cook even frozen foods, without having to wait for them to thaw.

In the recipe book you can find some delicious recipes for fries, fried pickles, roast chicken and more.

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