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GOWISE Air Fryer Overview

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated May 8, 2019

overview gowise air fryer black digital display


  • one of the lowest prices among its competitors
  • easy to clean because of its non-stick surface
  • easy to use
  • digital interface
  • has a safety feature
  • high quality of cooking
  • fits easily in most kitchens
  • above average cooking capacity


  • cannot be dish-washed
  • additional accessories are bought separately

Air fryers are slowly becoming a mainstream gadget because of their innovative way of frying food. They are capable of doing this without the use of oil or only a minimum of it. This is why it slowly attracts millennials and health buffs that would like to add a new way of creating fries, fried chicken, and other food in a new and healthy way. GoWISE Air Fryer is one of the most known examples of this gadget, with countless reviews on eating blogs and videos.


GoWISE Air Fryer is an instant buy for those looking for an innovative and modern example of an air fryer. With its sleek and modern design along with its space-conscious size, it suits almost every kitchen. Its dimensions are 13.5 x 11 x 12.5 inches. With its curved cylindrical design, it is almost guaranteed that it can fit into small corners and tight spaces where it may be put. You can also put inside cabinets in order to save more space. Its touch screen interface feels unique and easy to the touch. It is also moderately responsive and good for setting the right setting for cooking.

For those wanting coordination among appliance colours, GoWISE has prepared two options for the machine, including red and black. The red looks good along with kitchens that have a dark overall tone. It feels strong but pleasant to the eyes at the same time. The black variant is good for lighter shades that where a heavy contrast may belong in.


This is where GoWISE Air Fryer shines the most. It is capable of cooking large batches of food without making too much noise. This is a shock as a common problem in relation to air fryers is the loud sound that can sometimes drown conversations near it. This is a good indicator that this machine is designed with attention to detail and calibration. Fewer sound vibrations can also mean a longer lifespan.

The performance of the air fryer in terms of cooking is of high quality. To test it, we cooked batches of fries, chicken, and onion rings. The crispness of the food was comparable to that of a regularly cooked version of each. It was not oily and clammy to touch but still manages to be tender enough for chewing. The common problem with air fryers is the inability to fully cook the insides of meat. The GoWISE Air Fryer doesn’t quite cook the inside of the meat completely but not to the point of it being dangerous for consumption. You may try dividing the meat into smaller pieces for you to be sure.

Its capacity is enough for an above-average batch of cooking. This is quite unexpected considering the fact that the unit only takes a small portion of a counter. This means that you can cook a lot more even with minimal space taken in your kitchen. One downside that can be seen, however, is that there are no other functions for you to use once the air fryer starts cooking. Additional accessories for roasting and baking can be bought but do not go along with the original unit. Other brands in comparison offer additional accessories for you to use in order to multitask in cooking.


The GoWise has an option for you to control the temperature from 175F – 400F. Cooking times range from a minute up to thirty minutes. The key to cooking perfect batches here is to determine the average cooking time for different types of food. To aid you with this, the unit comes with a recipe book along with a 6 piece accessory kit. The recipe teaches you how to make food from breakfast, dessert, lunch and dinner. It also has 50 recipes for you to follow, all of which you can make using the GoWISE Air Fryer. It also comes with a detachable basket that is non-stick and easy to carry. It allows you to carry the newly cooked food without direct contact. It also has a handle that makes carrying it easier.

User experience is positive as everything is plainly laid out for you to do. Its digital controls are clean and minimalist. Its features are obvious and thoroughly explained in the manual.

The machine cannot be used in a dishwasher, for some reason, but can be hand-washed instead. This is a bit of a downgrade in comparison to other brands that can. It can be easily cleaned by hand, though, because of its non-stick surface. The absence or the reduction of the use of oil is also a big factor in making it easy to clean.

It has a safety function that makes the unit close down after a cycle of cooking. It is steady on surfaces as its feet are non-skid and is guaranteed to keep it in place. Its exterior parts are also always cool and unaffected by the heat inside it. This makes it safe to use even with children around.

It has a one-year warranty. Its customer service is responsive and well-informed too. The company offers a manual uploaded online and instructional videos for those that may want to learn more about the gadget.


The price for GoWISE Air Fryer makes it easily one of the best among its competitors. Priced at less than $80, users will be surprised to see the high-quality cooking and features within this product. Its cooking is comparable to brands that are priced way higher than it. It is also durable and has an attractive design that might make you mistake it for a higher-end one.

Overall impression

The GoWISE Air Fryer is a must-buy because of its low price, its features, and its reliable cooking. Its sleek and modern design makes it a good fit for almost all kitchens.