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Cooklight Aero Fryer: Innovative cooking technology

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated March 11, 2019

french fries red air fryer cooklite aero fryer

Air fryers are the new trend. This is because they remove the health risks that are associated with frying, which mainly revolves around the use of cooking oil. Their recent popularity among Youtubers and health gurus also make air fryers a must-have for those that are health-conscious but still want to eat foods that are usually fried.

The Cooklight Aero Fryer is an entry-level gadget, its main strength being the fact that is comes with three different ways to cook.

The Cooklight Aero Fryer is sold in two colors, red and black. This is good news for those that are picky in choosing colors to match their kitchen hues. The colors also allow cleaning to be easier than in the case of whiter colors as the latter are always the first to stain.

3 ways of cooking

As mentioned earlier, the Cooklight Aero Fryer has three options for cooking which include a halogen lamp, convection cooking, and infrared heat. This function allows users to be more precise in cooking their food as different ways of heating may lead to different results in consistency and taste.

The first option involves using a halogen lamp to radiate heat towards your food. This can be linked to a turbo cooker which uses the same technology. The second one uses hot air to cook your food (through an exhaust fan that constantly blows). The third technology uses infrared waves to heat your food, which ensures that it covers all parts of it. With all of these cooking ways, your food will be cooked better and with quality.

Great for frozen foods

Foods that are frozen do not need to be thawed as the air fryer can cook them instantly. This is a big help for those that are always on the rush. Because of the air exhaust system and the innovative cooking technology, frozen food can be cooked directly.

Unlike most air fryers, the Cooklight Aero Fryer has a glass lid. This allows users to see the food that they’re cooking and to judge if it is already cooked or not. Dark spots in the food can be prevented as you can move it around.

Aside from this, it also allows users to clean the unit better as stains are easier to see on a glass lid, unlike with other units which usually enclose every part of the cooking and then only show you the final product after cooking.

The cooking controls for the air fryer are dials. The fryer lets you choose the amount of time for cooking and the temperature. There are also helpful recommendations for different types of food by the side of the handles which include fish, fries, chicken, and onion rings. These are the foods that are mostly fried using air fryers, anyway.

Inside the fryer there is an extender ring made for huge batches of frying.

The fryer is quite small, but this will help users choose a more space-saving spot. It is ease to squeeze through different spaces as it is also short.

The frying quality is good. This can be attributed to its cooking technologies, which ensure that no particular spot of the food will be burnt.

The air fryer comes with an instruction manual, tongs, a mesh basket, and the extender for more space.

The air fryer can be recommended for its innovative cooking technology, its see-through cooking, and its good warranty (up to 1095 days). It is also recommended for people on the go and for those who are health-conscious.