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Boost your employees' productivity with these simple tips

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated February 14, 2019

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All successful organizations begin with a healthy, productive staff. Your employees are the ones that put all the wheels in motion and are directly involved in your business. They are the  ones who can help it become better or worse. A happy, motivated and prepared employee will most likely translate into a thriving company.

Knowing how to manage your employees and stir them in the right direction takes time, patience and skills.

This article can give you some pointers:

  • Hold periodic trainings to enhance your employees’ skills. It is not just about screening and hiring the right person for the job. Trainings are very important for increasing productivity, because they can help employees improve their aptitudes and become more efficient
  • Reward your employees and motivate them with bonuses and other incentives. Everybody needs to feel appreciated when they’ve done something right. And everyone needs a little motivation from time to time, in order to find the strength to give their best. It is important to be generous and appreciative with your team. Motivate them to do better and praise and reward them when they did well. You can use thank you notes, financial bonuses, free lunches or days off, in addition to their vacation time. It is also important to try and personalize the reward, because not all of them value and need the same things
  • Implement ‘work from home’ days. Although there are still managers/CEOs out there who are afraid to lose employees out of their sight, fearing they might take advantage and work less, studies have proved the contrary to be true. Research shows that employees who work from home increase productivity with as much as 13%. It makes sense to allow an employee to work from home if he feel sick or has some personal things to take care of, because otherwise they might be forced to take a sick day or a day off and then they’ll get NO work done at all.
  • Strive to divide tasks according to everyone’s strengths and skills. Not everyone is good at the same thing, so matching the task with the skills of your employees will help bring the best out of each and every one of them
  • Establish an efficient communication system. You can use specialized chat apps that have helpful functions and keyboard shortcuts, to facilitate the communication process
  • If possible, offer them healthy meals or snacks. Employees who eat healthy show a boost in their performance of up to 25%
  • Empower them and give them their space. Employees who feel they aren’t constantly watched or nagged tend to obtain better results. Feeling trusted and more independent boosts their self-esteem and make them perform better
  • Make the work space more fun. Creating a relaxation room, game room, yoga room and so on are just a few examples. You can also allow them to personalize their desks and make them warmer and familiar
  • Listen to your employees, whether they want to approach you with a complaint, suggestion or problem. Being emphatic and allowing them to bring their own input will make them respect you and appreciate you more, thus making them more focused on pleasing you.