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Learn how to boost your sales during holidays

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated July 25, 2020

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The holiday season is indeed a time for joy, for everyone. Not only for the consumer who will get to enjoy buying and receiving gifts, but also for businesses, which will thrive during this profitable period. Holidays mean money and the smarter and better prepared you are, the more money you can cash in as a business owner. If you play your cards right, holiday sales alone can bring you up to 40% of your total annual revenue, studies show.

There are lots of marketing strategies out there that can make a difference in your profit. We summed up the most common and useful of them. Here they are:

  • Plan in advance. Every success starts with thorough research, planning and preparation. Set your goals in advance, do your homework, research and learn from last year’s season. Analyze last year’s sales performance, spy a little on your top competitors for useful tips and last, but not least, be realistic about your expectations.
  • Use all available sale channels. Today’s customers can be pretty picky and they’ll expect you to make their buying experience as comfortable and seamless as possible. You have to be prepared in every way: make sure clients can order and buy online, through their smartphones and their desktop computers, directly in the store and they can receive their product via home delivery or buy picking it up from the shop. You don’t want to miss on any segment of the market. The more omnipresent you are as a seller, the more customers you will attract and the more your sales will increase during the holiday season. As a side note, studies show that during this period, people buy considerably more online than offline.
  • Use technology in your advantage. Create e-mail campaigns, send push notifications to your customers. E-mails still remain the best way to draw people’s attention. In fact, research shows that e-mail marketing is 3 times more powerful and productive than social media.
  • Personalize your sales and offers. Not everyone wants the same thing, at the same time. Customers have different needs and you have to be aware of that. There are various ways in which you can learn your customer’s needs and preferences, by tracing his online activity. Use that data, centralize it and create accurate profiles of your customers. By learning your customer’s behavior, you will know what, when and how to make him buy from you.
  • Quickly jump on any abandoned shopping carts. Install an app that helps you easily track down any abandoned carts, find out why people didn’t go through with their purchase and send messages that encourage your clients to finish what they started
  • Have an attractive return policy. Make the section well visible on your website and try to extend the window of time for returns. The more you show your human side to your customers, the more credibility and appreciation you’ll receive from them and this will ultimately translate into increased sales.
  • Adapt your brand and products to the holiday. Make small, tasteful customizations to your items and brand, post holiday-related messages on your social media page and present your items in gift wrapping.
  • A top-notch customer support must be among your first priorities during this period. Holidays are busy times and you have to be prepared and able to handle the extra load of requests or complaints.