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The most effective email campaigns to implement in your business

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated February 14, 2019

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So you’ve finally managed to build a healthy, consistent email list. What do you do with it and how can it help with your business? There are several types of email marketing approaches you could take in order to grow your business. Email marketing campaigns are various and they can follow different goals.

In case you didn’t know exactly what an email marketing campaign or what exactly it contains, here are some of the most common types of emails sent by marketers:

The greeting mail. These are the welcome emails sent to each and every one of your subscribers, right after they’ve opted in for your website or so. Welcome mails are pretty important and useful, because they help you bond with your new subscriber and let him get to know your business. According to studies, these mails have high open rates and are more effective than other types of mails.

The confirmation email. As the name suggests it, this type of email is usually sent when someone signs up for a specific event, books something online, etc. The confirmation e-mail represents an insurance for the user that everything is in check and confirmed. These mails should be simple and short.

The promotional email. This is one of the most common types of email marketing campaigns. Its purpose is simply to promote/advertise your products/services. They can sometimes be redundant and some marketers prefer to send them too often, which is not always helpful, because they can annoy users. In small dozes though and if well-conceived, they represent efficient promoting tools.

The social media campaign. This one acts like a link between your email and social media account and its goal is to engage users in your social media list (from Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc.) and sometimes to cross the e-mail and social media channels. Social media campaigns are very useful because they call your users to action and encourage them to get involved.

The weekly or monthly newsletter. It consists in sending periodical emails with the most important news, articles a magazine or blog publishes. With this type of emails, image and presentation are very important. You have to make sure you use a simple, attractive format.

The invitation email. This are emails that act like online invitations sent to your entire list, to various events you organize. It is an affordable way to promote your different affairs and it can be a very effective method when used properly.

The seasonal email. As you’ve probably guessed it, these campaigns are launched around holidays: Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and so on.

The abandoned cart email. This can also act as a sort of campaign, because it is an automated email sent when a user adds an item in to the shopping cart but for some reason doesn’t go through with his purchase. This triggers an automatic email that acts as a reminder and encouragement towards the client, to finish his buying process.

The special deal email. This type of email is sent to promote a special offer, discount or deal you have and it is usually very useful, because it has a high open rate and does manage to increase your sales.