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How much does Benchmark Email cost?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated April 18, 2019

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Although social media platforms have taken the internet by storm, e-mail continues to remain the main channel of communication when important information has to be distributed. E-mail is still widely used all around the world for bank statements, bills, job applications, commercial pitching and more.

Roughly every internet user checks his inbox at least once a day and as long as there is email in everyday use, there will also be email marketing. Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways for a business to communicate with its customers.

Types of marketing email

There are various types of marketing e-mails you can send, depending on the customers, their preferences, your business strategy and more:

  • Newsletters, which are sent on a regular basis, with the purpose of informing your customers about new products, events in your company, promotions and so on
  • Surveys, which can be qualitative or quantitative, with the purpose of hearing back from your customers; if you want to get their attention even more, you should include something enticing, such as a promo code or a special offer
  • Promotion campaigns, which are among the most popular types and they include sales, new promotions, deals and more
  • Technical e-mails: the autoresponder sends back confirmation letters whenever a customer or prospect makes a significant action: registers for your website, sings up to a newsletter or purchases something from your store. This type of email also includes recurring important mail such as monthly bills
  • Event invitations or important announcements
  • Product catalogs and more

Benchmark Email Overview

Benchmark Email is an internet-based email marketing service based in California. The company was founded in 2004 and offers both free and paid plans.

Benchmark Email has solid design capabilities and plenty of integrations.


Benchmark Email is flexible and scalable when it comes to its plans. There are 5 plans to choose from: Free, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Massive.

The free plan allows you to send email campaigns up to 2,000 subscribers and you are entitled to 14,000 emails per month.


The Medium plan allows anywhere between 1,000 subscribers and 50,000 subscribers. You get unlimited sends per month, regardless of the number of subscribers you have.

The price for 1,000 subscribers is approximately $22/month.

1,500 subscribers - $28/month

2,500 subscribers - $32/month

20,000 subscribers - $134/month

The limit is 50,000 subscribers for a cost of approximately $255/month


The Large plan allows from 55,000 subscribers to 100,000 subscribers.

The price for 55,000 subscribers is approximately $286/month and there’s a limit of 770,000 sends per month.

The price for 100,000 subscribers is approximately $495/month and you have a limit of 1,400,000 sends per month.


The Extra Large plan starts from 125,000 subscribers and goes as high as 1,000,000 subscribers.

For 125,000 subscribers you have to pay approximately $660/month and the limit is 1,750,000 sends per month.

For 1,000,000 subscribers you have to pay approximately $4,274/month and the limit is 14,000,000 sends per month.


This is the most expensive and generous plan you can opt for. It starts from 1,070,000 subscribers and goes up to 7,140,000.

The price for 1,070,000 subscribers is $4.950/month and the limit is 15,000,000 sends/month.

The price for 7,140,000 subscribers is approximately $32,119/month and you have a limit of 100,000,000 sends per month.

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