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An honest review of Campaigner Email Marketing

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated May 19, 2021

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Campaigner Email is a program that can fully automate your email needs with some of the highest deliverability rate availble today. If you are thinking about getting, or switching, your email service provider we suggest taking a look at them. Originally our review was several years ago, but after we did an update for 2021, we can safely say that this company is not as good as they once were, as the are actually better!


  • Campaigner is an excellent tool for mid-ranged up to large-scale companies looking for an easier way to manage customer relations through e-mail
  • It is filled with beautiful templates and designs along with intuitive tools
  • It has a readily available online database


  • Their free trial requires a credit card for activation

Campaigner is an excellent tool for businesses who would like an easier interface to manage all customer-related e-mail transactions.


Campaigner is priced at $19.95 for its most basic plan which is quite competitive in comparison to others. This lets you add up to 1,000 subscribers to your contacts. A good feature of this is that you can cancel any time meaning that there is no lock-in to their service.


To ensure that an e-mail campaign is successful, you can track the numbers using the Reports tool. The rates of replies unsubscribes, and any related data can be seen here. You can also use the app’s integration with Google Analytics.

Creating a campaign

Campaigner offers two types of tools for creating your campaign. The first is the Smart Email Builders which offers more templates and is best used by those who will be okay with a pre-set design. The Full Email Editor is for that knowledge in HTML and for those who want to customize all parts of the campaign.

Both allow you to choose the content of your e-mails, down to the footer where you can choose to show your contact information. Similar to Gmail, you can also choose to schedule the sending time of your e-mail. You can also choose to do this through a recurring schedule.


To be able to have a wide network of people using a single e-mail contact, you will simply need to invite them through the application. After this, multiple people can be involved in the creation of a campaign. To be able to be registered, you will only need to register your credit card number and e-mail address.

Adding contacts is also easy. You will only need to paste information into the application. You can also use e-mailing services such as Yahoo and Gmail as to add contacts. The formats for pasting contacts can be in XLSX, XLS, VCF, and CSV. These contacts can then be categorized depending on factors such as date of being added, when the profile was last updated, form submissions, and more.

A notable feature with campaigner is its win-back e-mailing template that lets you create auto-responders. You can also choose to cancel some contacts who do not respond or open your e-mails. This helps you trim the list of contacts. They have also had automation workflows, social sharing, e-mail segmentation, geolocation, and more.

The service is also integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and more as to aid its users.


Campaigner is a helpful service that is best used by businesses with needs for contacting multiple contacts. Their features are innovative and helpful for both marketing and customer relation. Their automated processes are also reliable and intuitive to use. Their only problem lies in the need for a credit card for their free trial. Otherwise, it is a service that stands out from its competitors.