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These are the mistakes you should avoid when starting your online business

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated February 14, 2019

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Just as there are useful tips you should take into consideration when building your online business, there are also some common mistakes you should definitely avoid.

Starting up an online business is not a hard thing to accomplish. Turning it into a successful business, well, that’s another story. Most often than not, entrepreneurs fail due to some obvious errors such as struggling to accomplish too much right from the onset or overestimating things like profits and so on.

Here are the most common mistakes you should stay away from:

  • Don’t waste too much time and energy focusing on the smaller details right from the start. While it is true that details make the difference, investing too much energy into the little things, when you have bigger fish to fry, might cost you. Don’t focus so obsessive on things like the way your business card or logo look and so on. Deal with the most important things first and take it from there
  • Not having a realistic financial plan. While you should always have a positive attitude and outlook on all things, don’t be naïve when it comes to your finances. Make sure you have a reliable financial plan, you are aware on how much money you can rely on, how quickly you can run out of it and that you have a backup plan to raise more funds, in case you have to
  • Not doing your homework and market survey before you start. It is really important to know your buyers before you start any business. Make sure you do a market research and find out what potential customers are looking for, what their expectations and needs are for your field of activity or business sector
  • Not paying attention to good SEO strategies for your website. Search engine optimization is oftentimes ignored or underrated, although it is very important if you want to make your business as visible as possible for your potential clients. Ranking high on search engines is crucial and good SEO technics will help you accomplish just that
  • Not paying enough attention to your customers, even the less ‘profitable’ ones. We often tend to only listen to the needs and complaints of the people who spend big and bring us money. Don’t ignore the point of view and opinion of the customers who want a refund, are unsatisfied or of those who don’t want to buy. Find out what their dissatisfaction is and work on it
  • Not using as much as possible the social media tools. Social media networks can really boost your online business, if you use them properly. As a guideline, for product sales, Facebook and Pinterest are more useful.
  • Don’t be cheap when it comes to choosing a web host provider. A web host provider that is unreliable and has a low uptime will prove to be your worst nightmare. If your website will crash continuously or your pages will load too slow, you will lose any potential customers
  • Don’t ignore or underestimate customer support. Offering a top-notch customer service is crucial and is guaranteed to improve your online sales and business. A good, reliable customer support conveys credibility, professionalism and makes you trust-worthy.