PinnacleCart Overview

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated June 7, 2019

pinnacle cart ecommerce shopping cart shopping cart with boxes on laptop


  •    Unlimited product lists and administrative accounts
  •    Affordable and flexible pricing
  •    User-friendly interface
  •    Integration to services that can improve SEO
  •    14-days free trial


  •    Limit on bandwidth and use of storage
  •    Limited payment methods


PinnacleCart is an excellent online shopping cart that offers user-friendly website-building tools, flexible pricing, and straightforward features. The integration of websites like Google Analytics and Google AdWords helps a lot in improving your SEO. It is used by big companies like Corona Extra, CBS Sports, and UFC. It is best used by those looking for simple features.


An online e-commerce/shopping cart is responsible for facilitating the purchase of a product or service online. They manage payment transaction, distribution of information to the merchant, and relay of this transaction to other parties.

PinnacleCart is a service that was founded back in 2004 on Phoenix, Arizona. It is a prominent service provider after being used by big names like Corona Extra, CBS Sports, UFC and others. It has one of the best store builders that is filled with features that is helpful for business. Compared to major platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce, they hold a secure sport because of their good interface, innovative features, and competitive pricing.


PinnacleCart has a 14-day trial that businesses can use for testing store building features. This is to ensure that they will be continuing their use before committing to the service. They don’t have transaction fees. They don’t offer unlimited bandwidth, though, which Shopify and Magento do. It has 4 different packages.

  •    The Start-Up package is priced at $44.95.  It offers 1GB of storage and 2 GB of bandwidth monthly
  •    The Standard package is priced at $94.95. It offers 10 GB of storage and 20 GB of bandwidth monthly
  •    The Advanced package is priced at $199.95.
  •    The Enterprise package’s price depends upon Pinnacle and the company’s agreement    

They charge a one-time fee of $14.95 for having a basic SSL certificate. This is important for you to collect payment information. They do not offer refunds so be sure to cancel if you are unsatisfied with their service.

Setting up a website is easy. They have several templates and themes for you to select. A custom URL will be used for first access. It uses a dashboard that is straightforward in showing information like inventory, customers, and orders. You can use additional third-party programs for adding recurring billing, discounts, and others.

You can hire a developer from their end to design your store if you are inexperienced in doing so. You will be charged a price from $2100 up to $5,200.

Although there are no limits for products and administrative accounts, the limitations for bandwidth and disk space for the Start-Up and the Standard package still limits it.


Pinnacle accepts all major credit card services. They are limited to 30 payment methods, though, with some being Paypal,, 2Checkout, Stripe, and others. It can be integrated into other services like Stamps, Google Adwords, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Quickbooks, Shopzilla, Google Analytics, and others. This helps you in improving your SEO and for improving awareness of your shop.


Pinnacle covers all the basics of an e-commerce/shopping cart in an excellent way. It has a great user interface that can be used by both small and big businesses. It also has integration to other websites in order to improve a website’s SEO. It also has flexible pricing plans.

The only cons for using this shopping cart are its limit on the use of bandwidth, storage use, and payment methods. Overall, it is best used by businesses looking for simple and straightforward features.