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Build your brand online with these helpful tips

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated February 14, 2019

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What makes a really successful brand? A brand is not just something visual, it can also be felt, not just seen.

Beyond the visual characteristics of a brand, like the logo, typography or colors, a brand has a distinct personality and values. Something becomes a brand if it manages to meet the expectations and needs of consumers.

There are some essential guidelines you should follow when attempting to build your online brand. Here are the most important ones:

  • As corny as it may sound, you need to spend some money, in order to make money. Draw a budget and be prepared to spend some finances on things like social media campaigns, Google AdWords and other promoting ways
  • Focus on your company name and don’t forget to register it. All great brands have a resonating name. After you decide on a name, do you Internet research in order to find out if there are any other companies with the same name and last, but not least, don’t forget to register it
  • Don’t neglect the logo. Visuals are not all in a brand, but there are aspects where they are very important and the logo is one of them. Make sure you come up with a great logo, because the logo will be the one standing out on all your advertising materials
  • Try to be authentic, before being original. Being authentic means being real, being yourself and not striving to be original, just for the sake of being that way. A lot of companies that try too hard to be different end up being fake and people pick up on that vibe
  • Use e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing will help you create and grow your subscribers list and keep them updated with all your activities, thus establishing a connection and closeness with your potential customers
  • Build your reputation. Before trying to sell and make a profit, you have to gain trust and respect. In order to do that you have to prove yourself to be helpful and share your knowledge unconditionally. Post regularly on the subjects you are good at and try to put yourself in the service of others
  • Be honest. Dream big, but don’t promise big and then disappoint everybody. Be realistic and honest about your capabilities. Even though you won’t be able to offer what major, already established brands can, you will gain more respect if you are sincere about what you can deliver, than misleading and boastful
  • Your domain name should be similar to your company name
  • Be as human as you can. Show your human side by publishing videos or podcasts that people can relate to. Sometimes having good products or content is not enough and people feel more comfortable when they can see an actual face or hear a human voice
  • Be patient. Building up a brand takes time and consistency. Insist, repeat and then take it from the start. Don't expect it to happen overnight. A great brand comes with experience, dedication and a lot of patience.