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Benefits of using the Ashop shopping cart

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated April 16, 2019

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The recent trend for selling products nowadays is on the digital platform. This is because it is more accessible for everyone around the world, it is cheaper to maintain, and it also allows you to be able to post market your products easier than in physical stores.

Ashop is one of these services. They are currently headquartered at Australia.


The benefits for using an online platform to sell your products are best seen in its convenience in reaching out to a large number of people without actually leaving your spot. In comparison to a more busy and time-consuming physical store, an online store may just be the solution to those who may want to do other activities while still earning.


Renting online services may not feel worth it as the tangibility of your shop is only existent through customer call and online designing. However, the advantage of using an online service is best seen through its capability of storing large amounts of products to be displayed which may benefit you in the long run. The pricing for Ashop includes its services for your digital storage, product listing limit, payment gateway selections, tech support through live chat, web ticket, or phone, feature packs, and professional features.

The price for its basic plan is $25 for each month. This will include tech support, payment selections, an allocation of 1 GB of storage space, and 500 products to be listed under your shop. This is best for small businesses that do not require a lot of storage.

The next plan is priced at $69 a month, with a total of 1000 products available to be listed, a “starter feature pack” that includes mobile themes, digital products, access for all possible payment gateways, gift cards, a blog, and 2 GB of storage space. This is best for those with a slightly larger market that needs constant blogging and customer interaction. This is also good for those who may want more features in total.

The most expensive is the enterprise plan for $249 a month. This gives you the “professional feature pack” that includes B2B features, fraud protection, and the absence of the Ashop branding that is attached to the products for the lower plans. This will also give you a total of 5 GB storage space and 5000 products available to be listed. What makes this a must-have is its removal of the Ashop branding which may bother some owners. This is best for those with a wide range of products.

Using Ashop

Ashop allows you to be able to design your own website using its simple designer. However, it may be difficult for those who are simply not skilled in web designing. This might make you outsource to someone more knowledgeable. It is doable, though, for those who have basic knowledge in doing so. It has 80 free templates for web design that you can choose to best match your shop.

It gives you a 14-day free trial that allows you to have a feel of its functions and its purpose in selling products. This is a good idea for those who may be reluctant in trying the platform.

Ashop has a startup wizard that guides you through the website so that you won’t be confused. Its interface is easy to understand, with touches of colors that are light on the eyes.


Ashop’s strength lies on its professional plan (which may be too expensive for small businesses) as it has everything that may convince an owner to go digital. Its interface is easy to understand. It is also very light to use. However casual it may look, it is still filled with lots of features in order for you to maximize having an online store. You can get the best of a digital store by using Ashop, which makes it a good recommendation for those with a little bit more in terms of budget.