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Protect My Car 2022 review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated January 4, 2022

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It’s less than a week before your auto warranty expires, and you’re coincidentally short on money. What would you do? You can’t cover a complete repair in case your engine starts failing again – and it’s getting worse.

The brand where you buy your car no longer offers you mechanical problems support, and it’s been 20 years anyway. Your case is everyone’s worst nightmare. But don’t worry, there are countless extended warranty companies out there.

In terms of quality service, the Florida-based Protect My Car is the go-to place. With premium yet affordable policies, there’s no stopping you from hitting the road again. It’s the benefits that last, not your headaches.

Protect My Cars policies

Now that we’re talking about policies, there are currently three options that Protect My Car offer. They also have a bonus one, but we’ll spill that later. It’s best to know the basics first to get you started.


The first and simplest policy is the Driveline. It’s perfectly suitable for vehicles of age four to ten and has run up to 80,000 miles. Customers who choose this option are eligible for five years or 125,000 miles of mechanical failure coverage.

With a deductible of $200, you can make repairs for the engine, fuel system, and many more. 


If you “Select” this PMC plan, you’ll get perks if your auto isn’t qualified for the Supreme (pun intended.) It’s best for autos with more than 50,000 miles of record. Once you pick this policy, there will be a $100 deductible to fix everything about your vehicle.


Choosing the Supreme Policy over all other options is the safest and smartest choice you can make. The reason? You’re experiencing a top-class performance similar to when a car company provides you a warranty. Too good to be true? Well, you can get premium services for as low as $100. 


As a bonus, the generous Protect My Car launches a unique policy which aims to cut huge car maintenance costs. It covers all different brands and types of auto, with the year and number of miles disregarded. Perhaps the best part of the policy is the 50 – 75% negotiable discount that you can speak with the specialist.

Not only that, but the company also has three free OEM oil and two tire rotation changes per year. In case a repair takes four hours, a reimbursement and temporary transportation will be given to you. 

There are three choices with the Ambassador policy: Elite, Pro, and Platinum. Elite and Pro offer 50% deductible while Platinum, 25% – saves you more cash. All offer roadside assistance except the Pro version.

Also, choosing any of the four policies will give you these benefits:

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Rental Car
  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Rotations
Why We Recommend Protect My Car

It lives up to its name, aligns their actions with their objective, and tirelessly cares for auto owners. Those words are what we’ve seen from hundreds, if not thousands of feedbacks as to how customers define Protect My Car. Whatever the vehicle model is, this company is for you as long as it has an expiring or expired warranty. But here are the reasons why we recommend it:


  • Well-known Extended Auto Warranty Company

If not for its recognition as one of the top 5 extended warranty plan companies by Consumer Affairs, we wouldn’t even bother to review it. Honestly, that alone is convincing to consider Protect My Car if you want to keep your auto in one piece.


  • No-nonsense Refund Policy

You request a money-back, they’ll give it to you with no delays. Within 30 days, you can cancel a policy. After it passed, well, you better keep subscribing if you’re not the money-waster type.


  • Highly professional Customer Service Agents

Every company has a team that entertains concerned customers – hence, customer service. Feel free to ask, raise problems, in or out of your auto. They’re only a few taps and clicks away from wherever you are.


  • Flexible and Affordable Payment

One of PMC’s goals is to provide inexpensive premium services without compromising performance. They even offer a FREE quote and a policy that you can pay as low as $100. It may sound a little expensive, but hey, it’s a better bet than having to pay the full price.